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Rolling Tarpon Company Fly Fishing Tarpon Giant 

Giant Tarpon

Migratory, with some resident

12 Months a Year

Why RTC?

April - October, Most reliable May - August

Predominate Fish

The Rolling Tarpon Company, RTC, bridges nations (USA, Mexico, and Italy) and provides a beautiful and unique opportunity to anglers across the world to enjoy the worlds' 3rd  best Tarpon Fishery (we believe it's 1st). Professional (and Friendly) bi-lingual expert, fly fishing guides do all within reason to get Tarpon to eat your fly (or the occasional lure) . The accommodations at  Amaite Hotel & Spa (Trip Advisor ranked it 3rd last year with its Award of Excellence 2015) are as warm and delightful as its people and food. In between, we will ensure that you and your spouse or friend(s) or family realise and enjoy all that is special in this gorgeous island!

Snook, Giant African Pompano, Cuda, 

and ON Request: Permit, and more!

Discover a new world of Fly Fishing and the magic of Holbox Island at the hands of The RTC Guides in the comfort of Amaite Hotel and Spa - a unique Mexico.  And, perhaps, the single best chance to set a World Record for Tarpon on the Fly Rod.

Fly Fishing is a practice that combines passion, technique, and practice. Giant Tarpon Fishing is a practice that combines Beauty, Action, and Luck. The Rolling Tarpon Company minimises the need for "Luck," and puts you on schools and schools of hundreds of Tarpon. There are many tarpon in our daily fishing grounds at Holbox Island that, if caught on fly rod, will break the current IGFA World Record!

12 Months a Year


Baby and Juvinile Tarpon

Year Round. 5 - 40 pounds